Thursday, August 11, 2011

Abundance Ups and Downs

I love bananas.  They are a staple of my diet - thrown into a smoothie, roasted on the grill, or eaten fresh, right out of the peel.  Cody, our Lab, loves them too.  A downside is that they are expensive to buy (about $2.00-$2.29/lb for local bananas).

The upside is that we have a grove of banana trees in our front yard that produce an abundance of fruit nearly year around!  This was a bunch on one of our trees, ready to eat.

The downside is that production is inconsistent, so its generally feast or famine around here.  At feast time, though, I eat whatever I can when they are fresh, then cut up and freeze the rest.

In my pre-Paleo days, I would frequently use them for banana bread.  Now, though, they are ready and waiting in the freezer for smoothies whenever I want.

Locals refer to these bananas as "apple bananas."  No, they don't taste like apples - they are smaller, firmer and not quite as sweet as a regular, imported banana.  They are wonderful and I have been forever ruined for grocery store bananas.  I'd rather go without when I'm out of these.

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