Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Thoughts Right Now

I'll be cycling to the top at the end of June.
  •  I have a coach!  Did I already mention that?  Wait, I think I've written several unpublished posts about that, so it's probably news.  I'm working with Michelle Simmons from Simmons Endurance Coaching on Oahu.  Her slogan is "Find A New Gear."  I'll be writing more on this later, but suffice it to say that in these first three weeks I have definitely found gears I didn't know I had!
  • Speaking of gears...have you seen those sports drink commercials where they show the athletes completely dripping with sweat?  I mean, they have sweat glistening from every pore and it's running in rivulets down their necks, arms, torso, legs.  I never believed anyone could sweat that much - that it was all for show.  Well, the trainer workouts I've been doing are producing the exact same results.  I never knew I could work so hard.
  • I'm training for Cycle to the Sun at the end of June.  I got shut out of the two 70.3's I wanted to do this year (I didn't sign up in time, d'oh!).  So I did the next batshitcrazy best thing I could think of: ride to the top of Haleakala Crater on the steepest paved road in the world.  It's only 36 miles.  With...ahem... 10,023ft of climbing. (At least it's on home turf so I can train for it!)
  • It appears my plantar fasciitis is waning.  FINALLY.  After a gait analysis and a custom orthotic (plus some leg/glute strength training), pain has gone from an 8 to about a 2-3 and continues to get better.  I'm going to add a little bit of running to the mix and see how it goes. 
  • Nutrition-wise I'm trying a few new things...trying to get back to 100% Paleo after dabbling with a little high fat dairy for awhile.  Dairy just doesn't seem to work for me - it just adds unwanted weight.  I'm sticking with a higher fat, lower carb regimen and trying to become more fat-adapted for endurance events, so we'll see how it goes.  I'm not sure how well that will translate with all the climbing I'm going to be doing - I might need a little more sugar.
Kahekili Hwy - My new favorite training place.
 Those are my thoughts for now.  More soon...