Sunday, August 14, 2011

8 Mile Day and CEP Compression Review

I finished my first eight miler today - the first one over six miles in a very long time.  Like years and years ago long.  It's a wonderful feeling!

I've been looking forward (and simultaneously dreading) today's run all week long.  Excited because of the increasing distance, yet wary because it was the 1/2 marathon distance that did me in years ago.  Too much training + short amount of time = overtraining injury.  Tendonitis in my hip that derailed me from running and subsequently contributed to me falling off the fitness wagon.  But that was then.

The odds didn't look good for today, though.  I went to jump on my treadmill and the "dashboard" wouldn't light up.  It's been having some technical issues for the past few months now, and I am probably wearing it out, but I'd like to keep it going at least through the end of the year.

I wasn't about to change my plans to a road run, however, because it was already mid-morning and it was starting to get hot and humid outside.  So while Bruce tinkered around with the treadmill I stood by and watched, all the while trying to talk myself into a road run.  But eight miles?  On the road?  I don't have any running hydration right now (I'm thinking about the Nathan Elite 1 or 1+ but haven't pulled the trigger). Local runs are too hilly for an 8LSD run (long slow distance). I don't have a route calculated.  My Garmin isn't charged up.  It's too hot.  It's too late.

Yes, I had a serious lack of HTFU.

Then, the dashboard lit up!

The first few miles were tough.  I was trying to talk myself out of my initial funk all the while thinking, "OMG 8 miles is far."  Then the miles started ticking off.  I felt good.  I managed to get some fluids in me despite the fact that I didn't have a lid for my water bottle (I just sent it in for warranty replacement and my other two that had lids were in the dishwasher that was also miraculously working, so I didn't want to open it but that's another story).  By mile 6 I got a second wind and finished strong.  Yes, I averaged about 5.5 MPH, which IS slow.  But I went the distance and my feet didn't act up.  Neither did my right calf which has been giving me some trouble.  I did have some issues with my right hip and IT band, but nothing that a date with the foam roller won't fix.  I am happy!

Which brings me to these:

CEP compression calf sleeves.  I originally bought them to help with circulation/recovery when my foot was broken, but the socks worked better, so these have been lounging in the closet.  I've been reading more about compression, though, and decided to break them out for today's first long run.

Pros:  they are comfortable and my lower legs feel strong and stable.  I would agree that they were instrumental in my calf not acting up today.  I think they have just the right amount of compression.  They wash well (I hang them to dry) and don't seem to be losing any of their compression ability or degrading in any way.  That's after about 8-10 washes, so we'll have to see how they hold up over time.

Cons:  they are hot to wear in Hawaii.  I felt kind of like I was running with pants on.  I've read that you can wet them down and they will help you stay cool - but I can't really do that on a treadmill, so I will try that on my next outdoor run and see if that helps.

I need to order myself another pair and I want to try out there padded compression socks too.

Please note that CEP did not supply me with any merchandise in exchange for this review.  I am just a satisfied consumer!

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