Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 - So It Begins

I spent a considerable amount of December mired in a full-blown pity party.  Oh, I ran (I was training for a January marathon afterall); I ate reasonably well (although deviating periodically from my pure Paleo format); and I went to work.  Trouble was, I was vaguely unhappy and unable to put a finger on it, thereby making it unfixable.

I'm a fixer.  A do-er.  An achiever.  There's nothing I like better than to put a solid check in that little black box.  I make lists. I keep calendars.  I have a training plan.  Many years ago a mentor made the statement, "You just aren't happy unless you can tie a big red bow around it."  Trouble was, I had too many loose ends and not enough bows tied.  And when that happens

Within all of that chaos was a message.  The message was, perhaps, that I was doing too much.  There were things I needed to cut, reduce, say "no" to.  The problem was, how did I pick the things to cut?

There are four things I am committed to for 2012:

  • My marriage and family
  • My job
  • Racing Hawaii 70.3 in June
  • Exhibiting in a featured show in Utah in July
I'm going to focus on those for now and the rest are going to have to wait.

And I'm going to have to be OK with that.