Friday, July 19, 2013

Reflections in the Pool

I got back in the pool today.  Our beloved Sakamoto Pool, which is right across the street from work (I know, how awesome is that?!), finally reopened after being closed for well over a year.

This particular pool is a special place for me since it's the one in which I really learned how to swim (thanks to Rebecca - I will never forget that!).  You know, when you actually put your face in the water rather than thrashing around like a long-armed puppy.  It was those first few lessons that really got me to the start line of my first triathlon.

Now that it has reopened, it's summer, and I'm done with Cycle to the Sun, I need to get back on a more regular training schedule, even though I have no races on the calendar right now.  This means maintaining my hard earned bike fitness, rehabbing my stupid left foot, getting back in the gym for weight training, and spending a couple of times in the pool each week.  And for me, right now, that means Monday and Friday at lunch.

I was excited about today - got my bag together, made sure I had all my fun pool stuff (including my Simmons BSC top (thanks, Michelle!) - nothing like a like sparkle to get you motivated!).  I was going to walk over, but my foot is still bitching so, yes, I drove across the street at lunch time and got right in.

I didn't do anything hard or fast.  Just 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull x 2, then finished with 300 swim for a tidy 1500.  Easy pace.  It felt good.  It was long course, too, which I like so much better.

At one point during my last 300 as I was approaching the turn in the shallow end I felt the sun shining on my back.  I thought, right then, how lucky I was to be in the pool at that moment, when everything felt right.

I hope I have more of those moments.

(I'm still finishing my Cycle to the Sun race report - coming soon.)


  1. Swimming has gone from my biggest fear and weakness in 2011 to my strength and something I enjoy doing in 2013. I wish I had a pool that close to my work. If I did I'd be in it every day at lunch. Can't imagine a better stress relief. Luckily I do have a Powerhouse Gym in Downtown Tampa I get to at lunch a few days a week.

  2. Jealous of your outdoor swimming! We don't have much of that around these parts.

    And yes, Cycle to the Sun report! Can't wait to read it.