Monday, March 12, 2012

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Tri-ing to get better about posting!  I have so many ideas and things I want to write down, but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Here are a few things I've come across recently that I am crazy about:

Brooks PureFlow Shoes  

I needed some new running shoes and didn't know what to do.  I wanted a more minimalist shoe, but still wanted a little extra cushion, and needed to solve the blistering issues I had on longer (10+ mile) runs.

I settled on the new Newton Distance U, but was frustrated because I could only order the 11.5 size I needed directly from Newton and they would only ship to me UPS 2-day air at a cost of over $40.  At $155 for the shoe, I wasn't about to spend that kind of money for shipping - just couldn't justify it for an untested shoe.  Sorry Newton - epic fail on the shipping.

I went to my #2 choice, the PureFlow, hoping that the wider toe box would prevent the blister I was getting on the inside tip of my big toe.  I ended up ordering them from, and got free FED-EX shipping from them.  My shoes were delivered two days after I ordered them.  WIN!

I've run 9 miles total in them so far - 3 miles, then 6 miles, all on the treadmill because we have been continually soaked by rain.  So far I like them and will be breaking them in the next two weeks.  The real test will be the upcoming 1/2 marathon I have on the March 24th.  I'll report back with a more specific fit/comfort review.

Sahale Snacks

These nuts are THE DEVIL!  They are delicious and addictive and I will eat the whole package in one sitting if I'm not careful.  Ideally, I should take the package home then dole out a little at a time in my lunch for the week - NOT take them to work.

The only other downside is that they are not 100% Paleo - there is some sugar and balsamic vinegar - but if those are the only two offending ingredients I'm OK with having them for a special treat from time to time.

 Steve's Original Paleo Krunch

I'll give Steve a gold star even if he does spell crunch with a "k" (major pet peeve). 

I originally ordered this so I could try the recipe for Luscious Lemon Bars in the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook. Of course, I had to try it before I cooked it up into a recipe and it's wonderful!  However, there is honey in it and I've been having some sugar issues recently, so I had a hard time staying out of it.  This is another item where I can't have an open container around because I will eat too much at once.

It's delicious all by itself, but I like to dip a banana into it for a little crunch. It made a great base for the lemon bars, which I altered and used fresh passion fruit (lilikoi) pulp instead of lemon - and awesome tropical dessert to take to my next potluck.

On the Training Front

I've stumbled a bit on my training in the last two weeks - weather, work, minor illness, family drama, have all conspired to sap the motivation right out of me, but it's a new week and I've got a race coming up.  Time to get with it!

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  1. They really are the Devil indeed! Cravings for them are beyond reason.