Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Triathlon on a "Shoestring"

Triathlon is an expensive sport..and I love a good bargain!

I was excited to see these Zoot Advantage 3.0 go on sale on the Zoot website.  I needed a new pair of trainers and I LOVE my Ultra TT's, so decided to try their stability shoe since I'm putting in a lot of miles training for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon.

When Bruce asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said, "Well, there's these shoes..."  He said to go ahead and order them.  So I was bummed when the Zoot site was out of my size (I know my foot looks svelte in this photo, but I wear a hard-to-find size 11).

Google to the rescue!  I found another site - Discount Tri Supply.  I was a little apprehensive about choosing a random retailer from Google, and I'd never heard about them before, but they did a great job!  They processed my order quickly, and shipped to me, in Hawaii, for FREE!  Plus, if it's your first order from them, find the link on the home page for a special "first time customer" code for 20% off!  I WILL order from them again.

Bargain aside, they feel wonderful.  Tomorrow is a rest day, so I won't have a chance to try them out until Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to running in these.

And you know the story...new shoes make you run faster!

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